Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy Narrative Event

GM: Robert Channell (Bama) email: bama_5@cox.net

Time/Day: Saturday 10am


Only 12 slots are available. 6 loyalist players and 6 traitor players. Email the GM with army and primarch if using one. The GM will keep a waiting list as needed.

This will be a 3 game narrative event. The event will be evenly divided between loyalist and traitor armies.

Each player will be required to bring the following lists: 2500pt list, a 3000pt list, and a standard 1000pt zone mortalis list.

Each side will have a designated warmaster to determine which player fights for which objectives. The Zone Mortalis games will figure heavily into the narrative. This is a first come, first served event. There will be no duplicate Primarchs. If you want to play Horus, then I would recommend signing up ASAP. Other non-primarch special characters may duplicated but as usual no duplication within an army.

The standard Age of Darkness force org chart will be used. No relics or shattered legions are allowed. The most recent Warhammer FAQ will be used EXCEPT that a unit may use multiple grenades/melta bombs in assault.


The Warmaster has split asunder the Imperium with his traitorous act of betrayal at Istvaan. As the Warmaster sends out his legions, the forces loyal to the Emperor scramble to stop them before they reach Terra.  The assault on the system of Chrace is but one of these incidents. The system of Chrace is home to 4 planets. Two of the planets are agri worlds which feed the system as well as numerous nearby systems. The other two planets, the capital world of Chrace Prime and the Forge world of Chrace Secundus are the major powers in the system. Chrace Prime provides the Imperium with the majority of Solar Auxilia and militia for the entire sector. Chrace Secundus is home to the Mechanicus order of Perderius. This order provides the Imperium exclusively with the vortex and phosphex weaponry that is used to deal with intractable alien regimes. The Warmaster has ordered that Chrace Prime be subjugated, the two agri-worlds be reduced to ashes, and that Chrace Secundus be taken or destroyed.Friday Afternoon Horus Heresy Warhammer 30k Tournament.  3 Games.  First game at 11:00am, check-in at 10:30am.  Kingdom-Con 1 day or Full event pass is required.  There is no additional charge for this event.

We don't need lists in advance. People should email Bama for registration in the event, and let him know what army they are playing and whether traitor or loyalist.

Lets have some fun in the Age of Heresy!