40k Rules

Warhammer 40k General Rules


You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring our hobby into disrepute. You must bring all materials needed to play including the basic rulebook, your army book, dice, measuring device, templates, models, and any additional rules that you will be using.

You must bring all materials needed to play including the basic rulebook for 7th edition, your army codex, your army FAQ/Errata, dice, measuring device, templates, models and any additional rules that you will be using.

Bring at least two copies of your army list, preferably typed. Hand written army lists are difficult to read and this increases the chance of scoring errors.

Army Restrictions and Rules

For the 2017 Broadside Bash, armies will be limted to 1850 points.

You must use the same army for each game, including the same wargear. You are required to comprise this army based upon the latest codices, GW FAQs, errata, and you must itemize your army list to detail wargear/options/powers/etcetera.

Painted armies are required at the Broadside Bash.  If you did not paint your entire army you'll still get full appearance scores towards your overall score but you will not be eligible to win the award for best appearance.

The 2017 Broadside Bash will follow the ITC Army Construction and Limitations.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) is in effect. If a model is armed with a weapon, it must be shown on the figure. Models for army unit choices not available from Games Workshop must be converted. You may use non-Games Workshop models in this tournament, but it must be WYSIWYG as best possible.

Conversions are permitted and may stray from WYSIWYG if these are for thematic purposes, are consistent throughout the entire army, and can be readily interpreted by an opponent as a reasonable substitution.

For instance, a popular conversion is to place Salamander or Chaos Space Marines on Cold Ones in lieu of bike squads.

Skimmers and jetbikes must be at least 1" above the table from the bottom of the model's body.

Skimmers that have been historically considered flyers or are described in the context of being a flyer, aircraft, fighter, bomber or that are sold with a flight base must be at least 5" above the table from the bottom of the model's body.

Special Characters

Unless noted otherwise, all special and named characters are allowed

Objective Markers:

What sizes do the objective markers have to be?

Base sizes for objective markers are really up to the person making the marker.  We generally use 40mm bases for markers now-a-days, but have also seen 25mm bases used.

For the sake of the tournament, lets just consider the base size to be irrelevant, and we will make all measurements from the CENTER OF THE BASE, rather than the edge.


Many tournament players will note the distinctive departure from the standard missions of the Rule Book. This is intentional and serves two important purposes. The first is variety; in the experience of gaming, armies in attendance, and in hopes that The Broadside Bash distinguishes itself positively in regards to other tournaments. The second is to emphasize the competition on the table, not off of it.

The Broadside Bash will use the 2017 Adepticon scenarios: 2017 Adepticon Scenario Pack; Mission 5; Mission 5 Results

Margin of Victory

To Win, Lose or Draw in a scenario, please refer to the rules in the scenario packet.