The Broadside Bash 11th annual event will be held April 21st & 22nd, 2018 at the San Diego Crowne Plaza in Hotel Circle, San Diego, CA and is part of Kingdom Con 2018. For more information about Kingdom Con please visit their website.

The Broadside Bash is a 2-day GW-style GT hobby tournament, held annually, at Kingdom Con in San Diego. The 'Bash features the Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar game systems. The Broadside Bash is a hobby gaming event, where your generalship and winning games is just a part of your overall score. Equally important are the soft scores of painting and sportsmanship.

We have run Rogue Trader Tournaments with more than fifty participants and we have run other successful events, including Bug Fest which can be found in issue 311 of White Dwarf magazine, Best Club Award winning Kill Teams at Games Workshop's Games Day 2005, Best Club Award winning The Pacific Marauder's Flying Circus at Games Workshop's Games Day 2007 and more events than can be counted at many of San Diego's finest game stores.

The Guiding Principals of the Broadside Bash

* To have a fun and unusual gaming event, using awesome themed terrain tables.
* To host a gaming event where the hobby side (painting, composition, sportsmanship) is at least as important as the actual gameplay.
* To host a gaming event where you can have 1, or even 2, losses and still be in the running for the top spots.
* To showcase amazing painted armies on the table.
* To providing a great weekend of gaming for old and new friends.
* To foster goodwill and cooperation among the gaming community, between both hobbyists and tournament players.
* To have a straight forward transparent scoring and matchup system.
* To increase the awareness of the tournament circuit

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