AoS Rules

Age of Sigmar General Rules 

Ahoy! the Broadside Bash’s Warhammer Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament is gearing up again! This is an awesome event held at Kingdome Con.  It will take the shrewd strategist, Skilled hobbyist, and the all-around ideal player to “Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen” to put some booty in your coffers.  Bring your favorite grog or clap of thunder and cross the gangplank with us!

This year each of you will receive your own Letters of Marque to achieve on the battlefield.  Achieving these special goals will help you maintain your status as Privateers (Pirates) on the high seas.  Get your crew ready and set sail!


You must conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring our hobby into disrepute.

You must bring all materials needed to play including the basic rules for Age of Sigmar, any additional books and/or PDF printouts for your army book, Your army FAQ/Errata, dice, measuring device, models and any additional rules that you will be using.

Bring at least two copies of your army list, preferably typed. Handwritten army lists are difficult to read and this increases the chance of scoring errors.

Rules FAQ: Per current GW Errata/FAQ with the following exception:

  • no additional FAQ at this time.

Army Restrictions and Rules

You will be writing a 2000 point list using the rules and restrictions provided in the Pitched Battle section from the General’s Handbook.  Any kind of ability you can choose before the game must be chosen before the event and recorded on your army roster clearly.  These choices are made for the entire tournament, and cannot be changed during the event.

Any material released officially in any Games Workshop or Forge World Books, their Websites, or the Age of Sigmar App a week before the event is playable.  That information must be available to anyone for purchase, print, or viewable online from the company.  The tournament pack is listed here and will have the possible battleplans listed there.

The general rules for the Age of Sigmar tournament are straightforward. You must use the same army for each game.  Furthermore, players should know that this tournament is for fun; and that poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.

Painted armies are required at the Broadside Bash.

The minimum requirement is 3 colors, with no undercoat or bare plastic, with textured/painted bases.

Models not painted or based appropriately WILL be removed as casualties by the tournament organizers and will be unable to take part in the tournament. You must play with a fully painted army.

Any player who has models removed will be ineligible for any painting awards.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

If a model is armed with an item, it must be shown on the figure. Models for army list choices that are not available must be converted. If you are in any way in doubt about whether your conversion or scratch built piece might not be acceptable please contact us before the tournament. We don't want someone to show up with something they can't use! This tournament will have a painting score so painted models are highly recommended.

You may use non-Games Workshop models in this tournament.

All models must be WYSIWYG, Hammers are hammers, Swords are swords etc. Any kind of proxy models will not be ok, but reasonable ‘counts as’ models or conversions may be. (If in doubt email the TO pictures of the model and what it is supposed to be.)

Due to there being various advantages to using incorrect base sizes, all models must be based on appropriate round/oval bases.

Tournament House Rules:

  • At this tournament, we will measure all distances between models using their bases as a reference point. This is commonly known as measuring “base-to-base”.
  • When recording points killed you only receive the points for battalions if all the unit in the battalion have been killed.  If you table your opponent you record 2000 points killed, regardless what they brought to the table.  
  • When measuring distances, you will use the volume from the base’s footprint to as high as the models head (or torso) whichever is the highest point. (please note this excludes limbs, wings, weapons, and banners even if they have a head on a spear... )
  • The Mysterious Landscape rules will be used for any piece of terrain that does not already have a rule, like a Realmgate for example.
  • The dice to see who takes the initiative at the start of each Battle Round may not be rerolled or modified in any way. 
  • Objectives are measured from the center of the marker, not the edge.
  • Models or terrain that cannot be engaged due to any special rule may not block or hold objectives. (Carrion, Changeling, etc.)
  • Balewind Vortex:  This terrain feature only doubles the range of spells not their areas of effect (If a spell has an area from the caster or at the point chosen it is not doubled).  Players may not summon a  within 6” of an objective. If over the course of the game it comes to be in range, players must move the Balewind outside the range of the objective by the shortest distance. (i.e., it can’t be used to claim, deny, or contest objectives).

Special Characters

Special characters may be used.

    Objective Markers:

    See scenarios for specific rules on the use of objective markers.


    Many tournament players will note the distinctive departure from the standard missions of the Rule Book.  This is intentional and serves two important purposes.  The first is variety; in the experience of gaming, armies in attendance, and in hopes that The Broadside Bash distinguishes itself positively in regards to other tournaments.  The second is to emphasize the competition on the table, not off of it.

    BSB 2019 AoS Scenarios - Coming Soon

    Using a core set of traditional standard missions in tournaments and the proliferation of online gaming forums, as noted by Jervis Johnson, "can lead to players using a lot of very similar army lists and tactics, and for some armies to be used only rarely in favor of whichever army is currently considered to be the best."  Similarly concerned with the same issues addressed in Jervis' Standard Bearer editorial in White Dwarf 368, The BSB hopes to accomplish in like manner his achievements in tournament design.  The variety of scenarios will hopefully focus players to design lists of more variety as a singular best list would be more difficult to achieve.

    All scenarios use the victory conditions as described in each individual scenario.