Friday, January 31, 2014

Painted Armies ONLY

We want to make sure that the Broadside Bash keeps its spot as the premier hobby oriented tournament in Southern California...maybe the whole USA.  To that end we want to insure that we have a representation of the best players and hobbyists participating in our events, with the best looking armies that they have.

At this year's Broadside Bash, we are increasing the minimum painting requirements.  We expect to see only painted armies on the tables.  If you have unpainted models we will ask that they be removed from the tables.

As it is, nearly everyone with a painted army can expect to score close to 24 points on our painting checklist.

Armies do not have to be painted to Golden Demon quality, far from it, but we do expect to see armies that conform to the 3 color + basing standard.

"If you have to ask....then it ain't painted"

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