Monday, May 1, 2017

Thanks to all our 2017 Sponsors!

Thanks to our sponsors:

  • Ross & Everyone @ Kingdom-Con - our hosts with the most!
  • Ron and the team @ At Ease Games - painted figs by Ryan and gift certificates!
  • At Ease @ Barrel Harbor, official ITC terrain and ITC events coming soon!
  • Doug @ Table War- table mats for all tables in the hall, plus prize support
  • James @ Wargamma - Gift Certificates
  • Paul @ Best Coast Pairing for the sweet app
  • Reaper - paint sets
  • Tectonic Craft Studios - Figure Movement Tray.
  • Thanks to all those that help out to organize and run the Bash….Scott for running AoS; Bama for running 30k…and everyone else that helped out…Thank you!

A really BIG THANKS TO ALL OF OUR PLAYERS!  We hope that you had an AWESOME time!  We do this for you!